Flora Earrings, Red and White with Platina or Gold Plated

Flora Earrings, Red and White with Platina or Gold Plated

Ceramics modern handmade small floral red earrings with platinum or gold decor. Minimalist stud earrings are light, easy to wear daily. Minimalist and clean design fits for any style of clothing. 


  • white porcelain (1240°C)
  • glaze
  • platinum or gold lustre plated
  • size 0.7 cm
  • back is sterling silver 
  • handmade
  • comes with a gift box

Materials Porcelain, glaze, gold lustre, backs are sterling silver, clamping silicone.
Size 0.7 cm

If you love this product and want to keep it with you as long as possible, then:

  • store it in a dry place (do not keep it in a bathroom), because explosure to moisture can tarnish silver parts and adhesive can lose its strength;
  • do not rub gold or platinum parts, because the layer of metal can gradually fade or wear away;
  • do not use perfume when wearing jewellery – perfume contains solvents that can damage the gold details;
  • we believe that you might want to sleep wearing your new jewellery, but we do not recommend it, because we are not sure if your glamour will be transferred to your dreams. In other words, earrings can break and pendant chains can get twisted.

If despite all the love and care your new jewellery or its part breaks, then please contact
us and we hope that we can nurse it back to life.


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