Laboratory of Fear

The exhibition of artist Solveiga Gutautė is aboutbunnies, which have experienced the widest range of fears, from the biggest fear where a bunny hides itself with blindfolds to laughter, the wildest state when the bunny (man) frees itself from their fears and raises itsmiddle finger high. “My goal is to ask questions about fear through art. In our childhood we develop an instinct of security that often turns into fear. We get that from frightening tales of a dark, ravine forest for example… Fear to me is like a dark, deep forest.

I'm afraid. I'm very afraid. This is my very first ceramic exhibition. I'm afraid of everything and I don't know anything. 
But I have enough of fear. Being afraid means sitting and doing nothing. So I lay out all my fears to let them live their lives, says Gutautė. While preparing the exhibition "Fear Laboratory", the artist asked the people around her about their fears (height, death, divorce, future, failure) and how those fears inhibit, prevent, and shape their thinking. Finally, she found answers and ways to overcome fear, resist, and pursue goals. “I associate fear with bunnies and examine the creative process - how much of each bunny lies in us and prevents us from acting?

“I started with a poor, modest, blindfolded bunny. And when I created the last bunny, which shows the middle finger, I rejoiced. It was a huge step forward,” says Gutautė. She thinks that fears often stem from the desire to be the best, but in fact, simply being yourself is enough. "While the middle-finger bunny is cheeky, my purpose is never to show a 'naked butt' to get my attention. This gesture is a sign that I have found the answers and overcame my fears,” says the ceramicist. Each bunny has its own story, so visiting the exhibition will take you through all of your fears towards courage. In the outdoor exhibition "Fear Laboratory" you will also find singing mushrooms. The artist has used these poisonous mushrooms to point out that many of our fears are caused by embellished media content. "We believe in what we see broadcast and create fears about the exaggerated cult of beauty, the push for an ideal family life, and so on," she says. Solveiga Gutautė, the pioneer of Fear Laboratory Exhibition - the most cowardly bunny - has already been released: it is on display in Latvia at the exhibition of contemporary Baltic pottery "Basics", and in Vilnius we will see only the pictures that symbolize the birth of Fear Laboratory.

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